Next Steps In the Process

NOW: Urge the Business and Economic Development Committee to vote for bill B023-0075; CM Kenyan McDuffie has committed to schedule a meeting to vote within the next several days.

IF THE COMMITTEE PASSES THE BILL: Urge all Council Members to vote in favor of bill B023-0075 when it reaches the full council.

Memorable Quotes

Hearing and testimonies start at 1:32:48 mark

How You Can Continue to Help

If Sankofa’s presence has been important to you as a patron, artist, author, or fellow black business, we ask you to let the City Council know.

Support B23-0075

Emails of support can be sent to the members of the Business and Economic Development Committee by using the fields below. You may choose to use The Support Letter Template (it has blanks that must be filled in and you can also modify its content) or write your own letter. Whichever you choose, your own words are the best.